Sunday, June 28, 2009

Welcome to my blog!

It's Sunday and of course I've left all that is undone till today to do. Instead of doing my chores I woke up inhabited by the spirit of Martha Stewart and spent the morning making chicken noodle soup, potato salad, egg salad and guacamole, with a brownie box mix still beckoning to me as I hide in my room. Gawd, I'll do anything to not turn my computer on! I'll do it tomorrow, my favorite saying, next to "No good deed goes unpunished", which is my mantra! Took mom out to see the 51's play last night against Sacramento. Now that they are the farm team for the Toronto Blue Jays and not my beloved Dodgers (stop laughing), I'm not all that excited about going to the games. And the 11 to 5 score just goes to show you that my Dodger farm team was a lot better! But mom LOVES going to the club house and sitting in the air conditioned luxury of the buffet and bar and upper crust. (so she thinks) It is fun to do a couple of times, but I could never be a season ticket holder. Unless of course it was the REAL Dodgers!
Well, this being my first blog I really just want to say hi and hope that those who think I am funny or goofy or just plain crazy (shout out to tcb!) might get a laugh or two when they check in! I'll see what I can come up with!

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  1. Aren't you the good daughter!!!

    I always swore I would NEVER hide food, but I do and I is the only control I have!
    Glad to have you here!!