Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Needed October to rest up from September

I spent most of the summer holed up in the house because it was just too damned hot to go outside after 8 in the morning. When it's 90 degrees at three in the morning and 110 by 9 in the morning, you know its hot! I do not do hot well. THE MAIN reason why I hate living back here in the home of my upbringing. So after 3 months of almost no activity at all September came and I never stopped. Our 40th high school reunion was scheduled for the 24th and 25th so being on the committee there was lots of preparing and wrapping up to do. There were lots of September birthdays to remember, a couple of job interviews to go to and a fabulous wedding to attend. Thrown in to that mix were doctor appts and physical therapy visits for mom, so I was busy all the time it seemed.

September went by so fast I didn't even notice how hot it still was. Then came lovely, sauntering October and the only thing I had to do was enjoy the climate change, decorate for Halloween and wait for the 30th and my moms 86th birthday. That meant of course, shopping for Cardinals hats and tees so she can be up to date with her newest favorite sports team. That being said, the Arizona Cardinals are only her new favorite because her grand nephew is Max Hall the new rookie Quarterback. He is doing a great job so far! Now I can just concentrate on finishing hauling bags of stuff out of my bedroom to the garbage and enjoying this fantabulous weather we are having and look forward to Thanksgiving in San Francisco with my family there!!!!! YAY!

me getting the "single the longest award"- a banner that says Lonely Girl-NOT!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Finally got to unwind.....

It's true what they say. Once a top is wound too tight it really needs to be gently unwound before it snaps. I finally got that chance the other night when my friend Mary Ann invited me over for dinner/BBQ. I got mom all settled in, and since she just mostly sleeps all the time now I had no qualms about leaving for a couple of hours. I made the mistake of drinking on an empty stomach and ended up plowed. I was worried about the drive home later on but every one there was in the same boat so I did get responsible and sober up before the drive home. Mary Ann is a supremo chef and we had the best BBQ shrimp and chicken and salad bar. The girl can put on a spread! I'm just now remembering that I left before the lemon bars were served. I wonder if there are any left?

As we waited for some late arrivers we started the BBQ going and forgot all about the fact that there was no light out there. Mary Ann and Carg each held flashlights in the dark while they barbecued. It was the funniest thing I have seen in a while. Or maybe it was the wine.....any way, it was a pretty funny site! You had to be there! (Imagine pitch dark. two very dim flashlights and two giggling cooks at the helm!) It really was funny! The morning after was the true testament to how good of a time I had. I was actually hung over!!! A good sign that fun was had by all when you wake up needing the hair of the dog!
The only bad part is waking up to the reality that I am still stuck at my mothers house caring for her and hating every minute of this triple digits heat. I need to figure out a way to get out of here for a few days and run up to Oregon for a massage and fun with friends. Any suggestions????
Thanks again M.A.! Had a grrrreat time!

Friday, July 23, 2010

What happened to May & June???

Thank God I had the second annual Advanced Directives Day out of the way before my mother decided to crump on me. I guess she had not been able to pottie for weeks and was having to strain which sent her heart in to atrial fibrillation and a trip to the ER that ended up in a month in and out of the hospital. We never did find out what had caused her heart to do that until the week she came home on home health and IV antibiotics. Because she wasn't emptying her bladder which had collapsed on itself, she retained all that IV medication and after four days it was back to the ER for a blood transfusion and an attempt to stave off kidney failure. It was during that stay that a kidney ultrasound showed that her bladder was full she just wasn't able to empty it because of the prolapse. Fast forward to weeks home with a foley catheter and pee bag and chasing UTI's with antibiotics and we finally got to bladder restoration surgery on June 9th. June 10th mom took a fall in her bathroom at the hospital but with her memory deficits and pain pills on board just simply forgot to mention it to anyone.
Needless to say the morning after I brought her home she was in excruciating pain and after an examination it was determined she had a huge bruise on her back on the ribs. Probably cracked or broken ribs. And once again my very stubborn mother refused to go back to the hospital for an xray. So the saga of daughter waiting on mother hand and foot continues. She is two weeks in to mending, the catheter came out yesterday and hopefully she has peed. We'll see today! In the meantime I have become addicted to face book scrabble and have my face buried in my computer all the time. The only silver lining is that there are a bunch of my friends who are also likewise addicted, so I get to play alot! Oh, the bestest part yet is that moms heart rate has returned to normal! YAY!!! Now if I can just get her strong enough to be by herself again I can maybe go on a trip and get the flock out of here! I am so bummed I had to cancel my birthday trip to Laguna Beach. Maybe I can squeak in a visit to Portland next month! That would be great! Anything would be better than this 111 degree weather. I can't go out of the house after 10 in the morning anyway!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Had a girls night out with Melissa!!!!!!!!!!!

I went to see Melissa Etheridge the other night. Oh man that lady can jam! My wonderful nephew who is with the marketing dept. out in Primm got me two tix, second row! We also got to go back stage before the concert for the meet and greet and got our picture taken with Melissa.  Melissa was so gracious and smiled all night long. She jammed her butt off and changed guitars 5 or 6 times. There was even a point where she sat down in front of the drums with the bass player and they jammed while the lead guitarist had a solo spotlighted up front. (see post). The crowd roared up to the front and we thought we were going to be trampled. We stayed where we were and had the perfect spot. I have to say, that lady can really show you a good time! I highly recommend catching her the next time she comes in to town.I wanna shout out to my BFF M.A. for driving! It was such a luxury and I enjoyed it so much!

Since that concert Melissa has been on every talk show that exists hawking her new album "Fearless Love". Sad to hear about another of her marriages hitting the skids. Marriage is hard work. That's why I don't wanna do it ever again!
Well that's all for now. Nothing exciting enough to publish so will look forward to something fun coming up in the future!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

I FINALLY have some cred!!!!!

For most of my life I've been documenting and telling people that I see things happening before they actually do, mostly in dreams. Some label this clairvoyance or precognition. Not very often have I had the opportunity to verify these events, but now I do.
My father, rest his soul, and I always had a difficult time communicating. Two of the things we were able to talk about though were the war with "the Japs" and the fact that he saw things happening before they actually did. Since I had not experienced my precognition on a conscious level yet, I got to know all about the war with the Japanese, the March at Bataan, the bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, etc. from him. The one thing he stressed over and over again to me was that the Japanese had made the promise that they would seek revenge and someday take control of us from within our own country next time. That has stuck with me my entire life.
So, to make a long story short, I grew up to be an adult that was always wary of the Japanese. Yes, I bought a Toyota and a Datsun once (and loved them both) but shortly after I became aware of my gift of precognition I had this thought in the back of my head to "not trust the Japanese". I have told many of you, my friends and family and strangers alike, that I would never buy another Japanese car. To those of you I felt closest to I would also tell you about my fears and the fact that I thought someday all the Japanese cars would suddenly have doors that locked shut and all the occupants would be gassed to death. (Many of you have thought me nuts!)
Now we see that Toyota and other Japanese cars have indeed started targeting the American public that purchased them. There has been no news in Japan about any problems with the cars over there, has there? Nope! So now instead of my silly dreams of being locked inside the car and being gassed to death, we are seeing car computers failing (or are they?) and cars speeding down highways and wrecking into other cars. I wonder how many speeding tickets were given or deaths related to sudden heart attacks or other medical reasons that were just out of control speeding Japanese cars?
I am really feeling some validation here folks. I think I am going to start telling more people about the dreams I have and see just how much cred I can build. If I can prove that I see things before they happen maybe I can find a way to make a living from it. Maybe a book? My own stall at the psychic fair? (ha-ha) Who knows! (Stop laughing!) I'm just feeling like I have some real cred now! You know who you are out there, those of you that joked at my Japanese fears! Now what do you think?

Sunday, February 14, 2010

2010 Resolutions-Made it thirty whole days!

I'm usually the one that says my New Years resolution is to not make any resolutions but this year was different as it may have been the first time in my entire lifetime that I was able to make the one and only resolution that I have always wanted to make: "To see just how long I could go without having to do anything that I didn't want to do". Sounds like a pretty lofty goal, right? I actually made it to thirty days. That was quite a fete since I live with and care for my very demanding mother.
Just before midnight Maxie our Shi Tzu and Jasmine our Bischone starting barking like crazy and woke us up. Our third little love, Biscuit the Yorkie, was in congestive heart failure and couldn't breathe. After calling the emergency vet and getting directions I grabbed him and headed out. The closest emergency vet was in Las Vegas almost 18 miles away. Needless to say, Biscuit died in my arms along the way there. Driving my puppy to the vet for an emergency was definitely something that I did not want to do. Now I am on a quest to find a new vet here in Henderson that will open their office after hours for an emergency.

The first two weeks in February have been brutal with puppy deaths and best friends getting devastating health news. Thank God I am not working right now and can process all this pain. Looking forward to happier months to come. Send love and healing energy my way will ya? Thanks!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Happy New Year/Decade/Full Moon

New Years eve brought in the new decade with a full moon/blue moon/lunar eclipse, one of the strongest energies in our universe. I hope you took the time to sit quietly with yourself and commit to bringing in the most positive energy you can in the coming year. Remember your spiritual connection. Reconnect to your inner true self. Release what no longer serves you. Receive guidance from your soul. Relax and get recharged! Sit in a sacred space and receive a high vibrational transmission of sound healing through meditation to direct you to your grounded expansion as you move through life’s challenges with grace and love. The wave of Source energy from which we all come ignites and supports you in creating and living abundantly through safety, trust, love, acceptance and reverence for the light you are.
I was privileged to join those at the White Star Sanctuary in LV New Years eve for a magnificent meditation which included meditation, channeling and shamanic fire rituals. We used toothpicks as our tools for those things we wished to throw in to the fire and release forever. I was able to let go of a lot of stuff that was blocking me. I was able to wake on new years day with a sense of renewal and peace that I haven't experienced in a very long time. This past decade was pretty stressful as I worked hard to get where I thought I wanted to be.  Now as the new decade begins I have new goals, but not as stressful or lofty as in past decades. I am older and wiser now and have come to know the authentic self that resides within. Can't believe it took all these years to get to this place. My wish for all of you, my friends, is for you to find that place within yourselves!