Friday, July 3, 2009

Oprah quoted me today!!!!!

Today was a re-run on Oprah all about mom's who are having a hard time dealing. (shout out to TCB!) I have been saying FOR YEARS that mothers need a wife! I've been saying this for as long as I can remember as it was part of my defense for not having children myself. I yelled at Oprah, "I've been saying that for years"! Does anyone ever listen to me??? NO! My Karma has come back to bite me on my butt tho, as I must have done something terrible in a past life. I escaped all these years without children only to have to care for my 85 year old mother who acts like a 3 yr old. Remember last week when I took her to the 51's game? I actually did it again tonight because there was a promise of fireworks. Well, there were fantabulous fireworks, but I'm not taking my mother back there again, ever. Ever.
Oh and P.S.
Aren't we glad Sarah Palin wasn't elected our Vice President? She would have quit that job too the first time anyone criticized something about her. Then who would we have been stuck with?
Rush Limbaugh????????????? Gawd help us! Latest Artic sport "Iquitarod". Can't get that book deal without quitting her responsibilities! SHEESH!

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