Tuesday, July 28, 2009

They have summer in Oregon too...........

My Oregon friends have started sending me hate emails and phone calls complaining that I brought the horrible Las Vegas weather with me. With news reporters commenting on the "record highs" "longest stretch of heat" and no end in sight I am really catching some flack. Got to tell ya, it's hotter than hell here because of the 80% humidity that comes with living by the water. Oh and did I mention? The friend I'm staying with doesn't have air conditioning? Happy Birthday to me! haha

No really, I'm having a great time spending gift cards and hitting sales in the land of no sales tax and visiting with friends I haven't seen in way too long! It's so incredibly beautiful here and I took a drive up the Mt. Hood corridor and had to catch my breath as I remembered just how gorgeous it is here.

Tomorrow is my BD and I have the day planned out like a spa day. Chiropractor, massage therapist, followed by lunch with Kathy at her office and then the doc she works for will make my forward crease go away with that wonderful invention in a syringe! Then back home for a nap and waiting for Kathy to come home and help me bbq some steaks and figure out the blender. Thursday we will be off for the great Pacific Northwest and our journey to Orcas Island. Thursday will be fun with Pikes Place market in Seattle, a visit to the little seaside tourist trap called La Conner, then over to Anacortes. I sure hope that little Greek restaurant I used to work at is still there! The way things have been changing these past years I doubt it! I promise to get some pix posted soon! Can't wait for Friday and that ferry boat ride. I never could figure out why ferry boats rides excite me so until my friend told me it was because they are so phallic. Oh yeah, of course. I get it now.

Friday, July 24, 2009

On Vacation......WooHoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2 more days till I'm on that plane for the beautiful Pacific Northwest!!!! Today it was 78degrees there!!! I cannot wait! My job just had to go out with a crazy bang today with one of my patients catching on fire from trying to smoke with oxygen on.....even after being warned every day by every body! I really didn't think this day was going to go by smoothly now did I????
Thank you to all that are wishing me well and a happy birthday. I can't think of a better place to be on my big day than the places that I love the most. I bought myself a new little camera to take with me to take pix of my vacation. I'm already excited about sharing my pix with you when I get back!
The ladies from my mom's church brought over a huge strawberry cheesecake for by BD. Like my big fat gut needs cheesecake, but man it sure looks good! My new boss United Health Care sent out a memo today stating that there will now be random drug testing.

Happy birthday to me!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Hanging on by a thread..................

......a very moist thread! I woke up this morning in Florida, I swear it! The humidity is as high as the temp and I cannot breathe! I am just not used to this crap! Thank goodness for the monsoon weather tho, as if it were truly 115 without the cloud cover I am certain I would have evaporated by now. Disintegrated is more the word I'm looking for here. The real bummer is I am seeing that my vacation destination weather is up in the 90's WITH the humidity and I am getting anxious that I won't be able to breathe the whole time I'm there! 4 days and counting until vacation starts and a mere 6 days until I am in Portland and looking at the water and the trees! Hang on baby!!!!! I'm looking forward to a week filled with no news about Michael Jacksons death or Paula Abduls return to Idol. OMG! With all thats going on in the world why is our news so censored???? When I was in Europe all those times all their news channels spoke of was the US news, I couldn't even get away from it there!

Wishing all of you that are recuperating a speedy get well wish! Nothing worse than being sick and stuck inside because of the heat. Let me know if you need anything! Remember tonight is the solar eclipse transitioning in a new era for all of us. Channel the positive energy that it holds to exact change in your life. The solar eclipse will occur from approximately 6 pm to 9 pm. Though we won't see it from our location on the earth, as its path will cross over India, China and Indonesia, we will certainly feel its effects. The total eclipse will begin at approximately 7:31 pm PST and end at approx. 7:39 pm. We have a rare opportunity to create sacred space during this auspicious time and release pain, struggle, confusion and fear, while inviting in more of our authentic true divine nature and assist you in letting go of what no longer works for your well-being and provide a transmission of light for you to step into if you so choose.

Our soul's are longing for this growth and we can not experience it when we are speeding up to maintain the old familiar way of pushing to make it happen. Trust, Safety, Surrender, Self-Love, Spontaneity are all keystones for this new earth reality. Set your intention tonight to align with these resonant frequencies and to integrate them more fully into your lives. Just chanting them like a mantra for 8 minutes from 7:31 pm to 7:39 pm can help to bring them more fully into your energy field. Holding your positive intention for creation at this time is perhaps the most powerful message you can send out to the universe.


Wednesday, July 15, 2009

120 at 1:20

Yesterday I got into my car after an appt. and looked at my dashboard. It was 1:20 in the afternoon and my car said the street temp was 120. Welcome to my hell. The heat here is one that the air sears your lungs when you inhale if you are out in it after noon. Then we get to breathe various types of air conditioning the rest of the time. No wonder there is so much lung cancer in this town!
Still on vacation countdown.....9 days and counting!!!!! Yippee! Lots of family and friends having surgeries this month. I want to wish you all the best in your speedy recoveries!! My unrequited love interest is off to the California beach with someone that's not me. BooHoo! Oh well, my time will come and I'll be walking on the Pacific Northwest beaches soon enough! Perhaps I'm really not ready for love after all or I am certain it would be here by now!
Dreaming of Orcas as in Island. Look it up!!!!!! Can't wait to post pix!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Mondays have to go!!!!!!

I have hated Mondays for more years than I can count. They are evil and should be destroyed. They ruin the great buzz we are just starting to get from having two days off and blast our bodies and brains with the worst stress there is, Craziness and Chaos! We should just start the work week on Tuesdays after the quell of Mondays is past. All in favor say "aye"! I miss working three 12's!!!!!

I'm going on vacation July 25th! A whole week off! I will actually be going to Orcas Island in the San Juans so will have pix to post when I return. I am so excited to be going back to Portland and Washington State!!! Getting out of this blasted heat!!!! I'm going to start the countdown today! okay, 17 days and counting!!!! WooHoo!!!

Shout out to the Raders and our Kai. Hoping all is going well! Love you guys!!!

Friday, July 3, 2009

Oprah quoted me today!!!!!

Today was a re-run on Oprah all about mom's who are having a hard time dealing. (shout out to TCB!) I have been saying FOR YEARS that mothers need a wife! I've been saying this for as long as I can remember as it was part of my defense for not having children myself. I yelled at Oprah, "I've been saying that for years"! Does anyone ever listen to me??? NO! My Karma has come back to bite me on my butt tho, as I must have done something terrible in a past life. I escaped all these years without children only to have to care for my 85 year old mother who acts like a 3 yr old. Remember last week when I took her to the 51's game? I actually did it again tonight because there was a promise of fireworks. Well, there were fantabulous fireworks, but I'm not taking my mother back there again, ever. Ever.
Oh and P.S.
Aren't we glad Sarah Palin wasn't elected our Vice President? She would have quit that job too the first time anyone criticized something about her. Then who would we have been stuck with?
Rush Limbaugh????????????? Gawd help us! Latest Artic sport "Iquitarod". Can't get that book deal without quitting her responsibilities! SHEESH!