Saturday, August 15, 2009

Still dreaming of Orcas

Back to reality. Awe shucks! It would help if I could breathe. This heat!!! well, you know.
Just saying!
Had a most wonderful vacation. Did everything I wanted to do, ate and drank everything I wanted to and gorged myself on fresh locally grown fruits and vegetables. Ducked out of the heat by seeing movies and driving up to where it was cooler. Saw my wonderful friends in Oregon!!!Everything went as planned without as much as a hiccup or flat tire. Got my salmon jerky at Pikes Place market and thought of the many times and many friends and loved ones I had been there with. Good memories. Went antiquing in LaConner and ate great Greek food at the old place I used to waitress at that is now called Olympic Gardens right on the main drag in Anacortes. Its been so long since I had a whole week to just do anything I felt like, without any responsibilities, that I had forgotten how wonderful it is. Have to do this more often!!

Until I figure out how to post pix properly, they are stuck at the bottom of this page.

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