Tuesday, July 28, 2009

They have summer in Oregon too...........

My Oregon friends have started sending me hate emails and phone calls complaining that I brought the horrible Las Vegas weather with me. With news reporters commenting on the "record highs" "longest stretch of heat" and no end in sight I am really catching some flack. Got to tell ya, it's hotter than hell here because of the 80% humidity that comes with living by the water. Oh and did I mention? The friend I'm staying with doesn't have air conditioning? Happy Birthday to me! haha

No really, I'm having a great time spending gift cards and hitting sales in the land of no sales tax and visiting with friends I haven't seen in way too long! It's so incredibly beautiful here and I took a drive up the Mt. Hood corridor and had to catch my breath as I remembered just how gorgeous it is here.

Tomorrow is my BD and I have the day planned out like a spa day. Chiropractor, massage therapist, followed by lunch with Kathy at her office and then the doc she works for will make my forward crease go away with that wonderful invention in a syringe! Then back home for a nap and waiting for Kathy to come home and help me bbq some steaks and figure out the blender. Thursday we will be off for the great Pacific Northwest and our journey to Orcas Island. Thursday will be fun with Pikes Place market in Seattle, a visit to the little seaside tourist trap called La Conner, then over to Anacortes. I sure hope that little Greek restaurant I used to work at is still there! The way things have been changing these past years I doubt it! I promise to get some pix posted soon! Can't wait for Friday and that ferry boat ride. I never could figure out why ferry boats rides excite me so until my friend told me it was because they are so phallic. Oh yeah, of course. I get it now.

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