Monday, October 12, 2009

2 Donkeys and a Wedding

Had the best day yesterday! Went to a gorgeous wedding at the Springs Reserve followed by the reception out at Bonnie Springs Ranch. A real live saloon fest complete with a live cowboy band and staff in costume. Come to think of it most of the guests were in western attire also! It was perfect weather and the drive out to the ranch during sunset with all those beautiful red rocks as scenery was truly breath taking. I witnessed another small wedding out in the desert, a beautiful couple being photographed by a professional photographer with the Red Rocks as their background and then entered the wonderful world of a blooming desert as I drove down the road to the ranch. It was then that I encountered 2 donkeys just standing in the road waiting for someone to either feed them or actually try and make them move. ha ha Folks just slowly drove around them as if they were afraid they would be rammed by them. Lots of folks got their cameras out and started taking pix like they had never seen donkeys before! Well, maybe they hadn't. I'm a native, therefore I am jaded! I've seen it all!! Wish I had thought to bring my camera!
The wedding buffet was heavenly with Prime Rib, new tators, green beans, salad, a pasta bar and best of all a CHOCOLATE fountain with strawberries, marshmallows, you name it! The bartenders were pourer friendly and each guest got 2 free drink tix! The cake was lemon AND chocolate, how can you lose with that??? Gorgeous black forest red roses and candlelight were everywhere and the young couple's energy made me ache to be young again. Mom and Dad Morris looked like they were having a blast! I'm so glad, they worked so hard to help pull off this beautiful day for their kids. Almost makes me want to put on a princess gown! Almost! What a wonderful celebration of love and family and I'm so grateful to have been included. It was great to see friends from long ago once again.
I'm glad the wedding wasn't the night before cuz that was the BYU/UNLV game and it would have been a hard choice to make! The game was so much fun, I really enjoy yelling my head off like that. Missed Cousin C and WC boy. Shout out! You were the only Halls that weren't there I think! We know you were there in spirit. Did you see us on camera at all?? Mom had the time of her life and it was a good birthday gift. I also got her a real #15 jersey and had HALL put on the back! She wore her new BYU watch and earrings and was just stylin'! Here's some of the action below! Happy Birthday to you-59 to 21!!!!!!

Max and mom Shirley Hall (gramma to Max) Pitta's mom and my mom

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