Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Thanksgiving in San Francisco

Had the best Thanksgiving this year! All of my favorite people together for a lovely meal, one which I didn't have to help cook! I love going to San Fran every year for Turkey Day as mom only wants to lay on her bed all day and watch football games, and this way I don't have to cook. My family in SF always makes the best full on turkey meal with all the trimmings and helping to clean it all up is the least I can do afterwards. This year things were a little less crazy than usual, I think because my cousins new boyfriend was there and she didn't want him to not want to come again! (haha) The last hour is always crazed with more than one control freak trying to make everything perfect, all at the same time. I learned years ago not to go in to the kitchen area at all until it is time to set the food on the table. It's always better than they think it is going to be. They always out do themselves!

The bestest part was the clear blue skies that lent themselves to perfect weather and gorgeous beaches to walk along. Cousin Jan and I drove to Pacifica on Saturday and walked in the clear crisp daylight along the water and it was heavanly! Friday she had to work so I did my best to talk my exhausted 90 year old Aunt Flo into going to the Tutankamen Exhibit in downtown SF to no avail! So I ended up going to the movies and seeing Blindside, which was fun! Just before the movie started security came in and wanted to see everyones tickets and half the room cleared out! It was a pretty funny thing to witness.

I came back on an earlier than usual flight as I had to be back to work Monday at 7 a.m. Then my dimwit bosses decided that Wednesday was a very good day to lay me off from my job. They couldn't have done this before I went to to San Fran so I could have stayed longer????? Needless to say they are not some of my favorite people in this world. I just go on chanting my favorite chant....."Karma"! I'm going to miss those who I have come to love there but those who were ugly, negative monsters are now no longer part of my life and I am sooooo happy for that gift. So I am not complaining at all about this unexpected early retirement. It would have been even nicer if they would have done this last summer when it was in the high 110's. But then that would have meant they would be doing something nice for me. That was never going to happen.
Shout outs to those of you I love there. Missing you very much!

So now I have no excuse to find that perfect job out there or to get this house cleaned out. My mother hasn't thrown anything away in 50 years, so I'll let you know when we have the garage sale! haha

our Thelma and Louise shot!

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