Monday, January 4, 2010

Happy New Year/Decade/Full Moon

New Years eve brought in the new decade with a full moon/blue moon/lunar eclipse, one of the strongest energies in our universe. I hope you took the time to sit quietly with yourself and commit to bringing in the most positive energy you can in the coming year. Remember your spiritual connection. Reconnect to your inner true self. Release what no longer serves you. Receive guidance from your soul. Relax and get recharged! Sit in a sacred space and receive a high vibrational transmission of sound healing through meditation to direct you to your grounded expansion as you move through life’s challenges with grace and love. The wave of Source energy from which we all come ignites and supports you in creating and living abundantly through safety, trust, love, acceptance and reverence for the light you are.
I was privileged to join those at the White Star Sanctuary in LV New Years eve for a magnificent meditation which included meditation, channeling and shamanic fire rituals. We used toothpicks as our tools for those things we wished to throw in to the fire and release forever. I was able to let go of a lot of stuff that was blocking me. I was able to wake on new years day with a sense of renewal and peace that I haven't experienced in a very long time. This past decade was pretty stressful as I worked hard to get where I thought I wanted to be.  Now as the new decade begins I have new goals, but not as stressful or lofty as in past decades. I am older and wiser now and have come to know the authentic self that resides within. Can't believe it took all these years to get to this place. My wish for all of you, my friends, is for you to find that place within yourselves!

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