Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Had a girls night out with Melissa!!!!!!!!!!!

I went to see Melissa Etheridge the other night. Oh man that lady can jam! My wonderful nephew who is with the marketing dept. out in Primm got me two tix, second row! We also got to go back stage before the concert for the meet and greet and got our picture taken with Melissa.  Melissa was so gracious and smiled all night long. She jammed her butt off and changed guitars 5 or 6 times. There was even a point where she sat down in front of the drums with the bass player and they jammed while the lead guitarist had a solo spotlighted up front. (see post). The crowd roared up to the front and we thought we were going to be trampled. We stayed where we were and had the perfect spot. I have to say, that lady can really show you a good time! I highly recommend catching her the next time she comes in to town.I wanna shout out to my BFF M.A. for driving! It was such a luxury and I enjoyed it so much!

Since that concert Melissa has been on every talk show that exists hawking her new album "Fearless Love". Sad to hear about another of her marriages hitting the skids. Marriage is hard work. That's why I don't wanna do it ever again!
Well that's all for now. Nothing exciting enough to publish so will look forward to something fun coming up in the future!

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