Friday, July 23, 2010

What happened to May & June???

Thank God I had the second annual Advanced Directives Day out of the way before my mother decided to crump on me. I guess she had not been able to pottie for weeks and was having to strain which sent her heart in to atrial fibrillation and a trip to the ER that ended up in a month in and out of the hospital. We never did find out what had caused her heart to do that until the week she came home on home health and IV antibiotics. Because she wasn't emptying her bladder which had collapsed on itself, she retained all that IV medication and after four days it was back to the ER for a blood transfusion and an attempt to stave off kidney failure. It was during that stay that a kidney ultrasound showed that her bladder was full she just wasn't able to empty it because of the prolapse. Fast forward to weeks home with a foley catheter and pee bag and chasing UTI's with antibiotics and we finally got to bladder restoration surgery on June 9th. June 10th mom took a fall in her bathroom at the hospital but with her memory deficits and pain pills on board just simply forgot to mention it to anyone.
Needless to say the morning after I brought her home she was in excruciating pain and after an examination it was determined she had a huge bruise on her back on the ribs. Probably cracked or broken ribs. And once again my very stubborn mother refused to go back to the hospital for an xray. So the saga of daughter waiting on mother hand and foot continues. She is two weeks in to mending, the catheter came out yesterday and hopefully she has peed. We'll see today! In the meantime I have become addicted to face book scrabble and have my face buried in my computer all the time. The only silver lining is that there are a bunch of my friends who are also likewise addicted, so I get to play alot! Oh, the bestest part yet is that moms heart rate has returned to normal! YAY!!! Now if I can just get her strong enough to be by herself again I can maybe go on a trip and get the flock out of here! I am so bummed I had to cancel my birthday trip to Laguna Beach. Maybe I can squeak in a visit to Portland next month! That would be great! Anything would be better than this 111 degree weather. I can't go out of the house after 10 in the morning anyway!

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