Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Needed October to rest up from September

I spent most of the summer holed up in the house because it was just too damned hot to go outside after 8 in the morning. When it's 90 degrees at three in the morning and 110 by 9 in the morning, you know its hot! I do not do hot well. THE MAIN reason why I hate living back here in the home of my upbringing. So after 3 months of almost no activity at all September came and I never stopped. Our 40th high school reunion was scheduled for the 24th and 25th so being on the committee there was lots of preparing and wrapping up to do. There were lots of September birthdays to remember, a couple of job interviews to go to and a fabulous wedding to attend. Thrown in to that mix were doctor appts and physical therapy visits for mom, so I was busy all the time it seemed.

September went by so fast I didn't even notice how hot it still was. Then came lovely, sauntering October and the only thing I had to do was enjoy the climate change, decorate for Halloween and wait for the 30th and my moms 86th birthday. That meant of course, shopping for Cardinals hats and tees so she can be up to date with her newest favorite sports team. That being said, the Arizona Cardinals are only her new favorite because her grand nephew is Max Hall the new rookie Quarterback. He is doing a great job so far! Now I can just concentrate on finishing hauling bags of stuff out of my bedroom to the garbage and enjoying this fantabulous weather we are having and look forward to Thanksgiving in San Francisco with my family there!!!!! YAY!

me getting the "single the longest award"- a banner that says Lonely Girl-NOT!

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