Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Life in the Fast Lane

I took a moment to run errands the other day and my mom, who doesn't get off her bed except to go to the bathroom, decided to take the dogs out in the front yard.....with no leashes. Maxie my Shitzu is pretty fast and sneaky and if you don't watch him every second he leaves the yard. In fact Mom forgot to bring him in the house once before because he had gone over to the neighbors and she thought he was in the back yard. Thank goodness for good neighbors and one of mine brought him back home.
Well, this time Maxie took off across the street to visit another dog he saw and mom decided to go after him. Now this is someone who can barely walk without getting dizzy cause she doesn't do it enough to keep her inner ear tools working, so she's dizzy all the time. Mom decides to climb over the fence and go after the dog. I still can't imagine how she did it, but some how managed to hit the cement face first from about a three foot fall. HUGE gash in chin, right sided pain and both knees bruised up.

I came home from errands to a trail of blood leading up to the front door. Of course I'm wondering whose blood it is and if it's mom's how bad is this going to be, and if it's not mom's what kind of criminal is inside our house holding her hostage and hiding from the cops after being shot. I found my mom (just followed the blood trail) with a towel to her chin and her Raiders t-shirt looking like it had actually gone through a game, covered with blood. Cut to the chase and we spent four hours in the emergency room, of course it was shift change, and she got three stitches in her chin and found out she rebroke the rib that had just barely healed from her fall in July. Now she has another excuse to lay in bed for another 3 months like she did the last time.

I don't do well with crisis handling when it's in my own life. I had to take to my bed for a few days after all this excitement, punctuated by continous trips to take something into my mother, cause like I said, she is soaking this up! After a couple of days of feeling down my IPhone came in the mail along with a birthday party invitation! YAY! Excuses to go out and spend money!!! So I bought a case for my new phone, finally bought my favorite perfume since nobody in my life seems to remember what it is or that I wanted some, and a birthday present for yet another Pisces in my life! (That makes about four or five now). I threw in a trip to Trader Joes and I think my shopping spree is done for now. Now all I need to do is get a job to pay for all this stuff!

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