Friday, July 24, 2009

On Vacation......WooHoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2 more days till I'm on that plane for the beautiful Pacific Northwest!!!! Today it was 78degrees there!!! I cannot wait! My job just had to go out with a crazy bang today with one of my patients catching on fire from trying to smoke with oxygen on.....even after being warned every day by every body! I really didn't think this day was going to go by smoothly now did I????
Thank you to all that are wishing me well and a happy birthday. I can't think of a better place to be on my big day than the places that I love the most. I bought myself a new little camera to take with me to take pix of my vacation. I'm already excited about sharing my pix with you when I get back!
The ladies from my mom's church brought over a huge strawberry cheesecake for by BD. Like my big fat gut needs cheesecake, but man it sure looks good! My new boss United Health Care sent out a memo today stating that there will now be random drug testing.

Happy birthday to me!

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  1. Happy Birthday and have a great time!!!I am SOOOOO jealous!