Wednesday, July 15, 2009

120 at 1:20

Yesterday I got into my car after an appt. and looked at my dashboard. It was 1:20 in the afternoon and my car said the street temp was 120. Welcome to my hell. The heat here is one that the air sears your lungs when you inhale if you are out in it after noon. Then we get to breathe various types of air conditioning the rest of the time. No wonder there is so much lung cancer in this town!
Still on vacation countdown.....9 days and counting!!!!! Yippee! Lots of family and friends having surgeries this month. I want to wish you all the best in your speedy recoveries!! My unrequited love interest is off to the California beach with someone that's not me. BooHoo! Oh well, my time will come and I'll be walking on the Pacific Northwest beaches soon enough! Perhaps I'm really not ready for love after all or I am certain it would be here by now!
Dreaming of Orcas as in Island. Look it up!!!!!! Can't wait to post pix!

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