Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Hanging on by a thread..................

......a very moist thread! I woke up this morning in Florida, I swear it! The humidity is as high as the temp and I cannot breathe! I am just not used to this crap! Thank goodness for the monsoon weather tho, as if it were truly 115 without the cloud cover I am certain I would have evaporated by now. Disintegrated is more the word I'm looking for here. The real bummer is I am seeing that my vacation destination weather is up in the 90's WITH the humidity and I am getting anxious that I won't be able to breathe the whole time I'm there! 4 days and counting until vacation starts and a mere 6 days until I am in Portland and looking at the water and the trees! Hang on baby!!!!! I'm looking forward to a week filled with no news about Michael Jacksons death or Paula Abduls return to Idol. OMG! With all thats going on in the world why is our news so censored???? When I was in Europe all those times all their news channels spoke of was the US news, I couldn't even get away from it there!

Wishing all of you that are recuperating a speedy get well wish! Nothing worse than being sick and stuck inside because of the heat. Let me know if you need anything! Remember tonight is the solar eclipse transitioning in a new era for all of us. Channel the positive energy that it holds to exact change in your life. The solar eclipse will occur from approximately 6 pm to 9 pm. Though we won't see it from our location on the earth, as its path will cross over India, China and Indonesia, we will certainly feel its effects. The total eclipse will begin at approximately 7:31 pm PST and end at approx. 7:39 pm. We have a rare opportunity to create sacred space during this auspicious time and release pain, struggle, confusion and fear, while inviting in more of our authentic true divine nature and assist you in letting go of what no longer works for your well-being and provide a transmission of light for you to step into if you so choose.

Our soul's are longing for this growth and we can not experience it when we are speeding up to maintain the old familiar way of pushing to make it happen. Trust, Safety, Surrender, Self-Love, Spontaneity are all keystones for this new earth reality. Set your intention tonight to align with these resonant frequencies and to integrate them more fully into your lives. Just chanting them like a mantra for 8 minutes from 7:31 pm to 7:39 pm can help to bring them more fully into your energy field. Holding your positive intention for creation at this time is perhaps the most powerful message you can send out to the universe.


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